Executive Advisory Services

Airport Planning & Program Management

IGT assists airport operators by providing facility requirement assessments and with the selection of alternative airport sites. This service requires the detailed assessment of on-airport and off-airport infrastructure facilities, including runways, terminals, parking lots, utilities, and ancillary facilities to accommodate the projected passenger forecast for the future facility.

Our advisors offer program and project management for large capital projects by assisting clients in project reviews, project planning and analysis, and the project definition delivery process to facilitate risk management to achieve the optimal and efficient delivery of multibillion-dollar programs.

Airline Alliance Management

We provide executive and technical advisory services to airline alliances (such as Star Alliance, OneWorld, and SkyTeam) at airports around the world. We assist in project and program management, planning, and facility requirement analyses of a variety of airport co-location terminal facilities. Our experience with the alliances includes LAX, Washington Dulles, New York JFK, Chicago O’Hare, San Francisco, Miami, London Heathrow, Tokyo Narita, Frankfurt, and other global airports.

Capital Budget Development

Our team works with executive management, senior department managers, element managers, project managers, and other technical staff to develop short-term and long-term Capital Improvement Programs (CIPs) for large commercial airports. These projects vary in size and scale, ranging from a few million dollars to multibillion-dollar terminal, airside, and landside projects, including IT, utilities, and security technologies.

We make sure all projects in a program are planned to achieve targeted qualitative and quantitative metric outcomes in four capital priority portfolios:

  1. Meeting Demand
  2. Enhancing Operational Performance
  1. Improving Guest Experience
  2. Growing Net Revenue

Contact us for airport planning and program management. Our advisors proudly assist with airport development and improvement across the globe.